P-Plus Recycling System

Recycling business for the mixed plastic.

Under public pressure, plastics makers are increasingly looking to partner with companies to develop chemical recycling processes

Recycling business solution for the mixed plastic
The outline of business

We are to pulverize and dry thermosoftening waste plastic which is usually disposed and collected in a mixed form to use it as raw material and by a special method developed by us, the pulverized and dried raw material is to be melted, extruded and formed to be reproduce plastic pipes (P-Plus Pipe) and other recycled products of the same specifications as Hume concrete pipes.

Key features of the business

Conventional method of recycling waste plastic has included sorting, separating and washing by category. There are significant amounts of difficulties in recycling the mixed waste plastic that hasn’t been sorted and washed because it contains soil, metal and other foreign materials. Furthermore, its incineration causes the secondary pollution of air, its landfill is the reason for the secondary pollution of soil and water.

The characteristics and merits of this business are that the waste plastics of all mixed and contaminated synthetic resins can be reproduced as raw materials through means of crushing and drying without separate screening or cleaning processes.

Therefore, for all types of synthetic waste plastic, we will be getting paid to dispose waste plastic and at the same time, the disposed waste plastic will be reproduced as raw materials, which is a very economical system for us as it doesn’t cost us much for raw material supply.

we commissioned the test of our prototype to Korea Conformity Laboratories and it’s proven that its quality is far more outstanding than the existing concrete Hume pipe. It is 2-3 times stronger in bearing cracks and breaks. It is excellent in chemical and weather resistance. It is light in weight, strong in ductility, low in brittleness and strong against impact.

Requirement- Basic Production Facilities
Materials Raw waste plastic without sorting/ or washing processes
Process Shredder-Dry-Extruder-Molding-Product out
Equipment Crusher, Conveyor, three(3) Extruder, Molding M/C, Drying M/C, Oil Pressure
Control Autiomation PLC system with LCD screen
Power Min. 1,500Kwatt
Others Antipollution facilities
Inquiry Please e-mail us at comodomusic2000@gmail.com
Prototype Products
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Cutting-edge products
we are ready to diversify the pipes into corrugate pipes and bent pipes and to expand the business area by producing plywood substitute products, manholes, roadside brackets, brick substitutes and center separating bars for the purpose of diversification of products.

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